Our group

The Collaborations Group, Inc. (CGI) is intentional about partnering and collaborating in ways that utilize all of ours and the client system’s skills and talents in order to make a real difference in the systems we work with, and consequently, in people’s lives.  We are clear about our higher life purposes, and live them through our work.  We are authentic, excited, and deliberate about doing meaningful work that advances our world.  Our common values are integrity, excellence, and preservation and advancement of the human spirit. 

CGI  consists of credentialed professionals who apply a myriad of transformation methodologies and  instrumentation to support organizational change.  If necessary, Collaborations Group will reach out to other firms with proven talent to partner with, and  provide the client system with a team of experts who will meet the particular needs of their system and project(s).  

When doing so, Collaborations Group’s principal will serve as the project manager in order to assure alignment, and provide seamless and outstanding customer service.

Since 1989, The Collaborations Group, Inc. (CGI) has had extensive experience and successful past performance in the areas of Executive Coaching,  Human Capital Management, Leadership Development, Organizational and Team Development, and Mediation/Dispute Resolution with senior leaders, managers, supervisors and employees, and HR, EEO and union officials in Federal, state, and city government, corporate, private industry, and not-for-profit organizations.