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With more than 20 years experience in executive coaching, leadership development and team development, Collaborations Group can take you and your organization to the next level. We offer:

Culture Change • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion • Community and Social Engagement

– Professional Executive Coaching

– Organizational Development

 – Change Management Consulting

– Leadership Development

– Team Development

If you think you or your organization can be more effective than you or they presently are, contact Collaborations Group. Our process helps clients and teams make better business decisions, improve trust, communication, and creative collaboration in the workplace.


Company Information

Collaborations Group, Inc. (CGI) is a minority, woman owned, small business, and organization and human development firm of experienced, world traveled consultants who are highly skilled in organization and individual quantum change technology. We are a team of experts in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Culture Change, and Social Engagement, assisting organizations in building community engagement across differences and culture change.

Collaborations’ Model

As consultants we are well trained, skilled, experienced, thought leaders who live diversity and inclusion in our professional and personal lives. Since 1989, our teams of experts partner and collaborate both internally with one another and with the client stakeholders to custom design and fill the particular needs of projects and client systems.   In doing so, we leverage all the available resources. We provide services to clients through a network of professional associates. We match the experience and expertise of the consultant with the needs of the client organization and work collaboratively to achieve sustainable results. As projects develop, we are able to engage additional experienced consultants through our network of associates.

Collaborations Group, Inc.’s consultants bring to each client environment excitement, positive energy, creativity and the belief that individuals and organizations can deliberately, effectively and positively transform themselves. We are clear about our higher life purposes, and live them through our work. We are authentic, excited, and deliberate about doing meaningful work that advances our world. Our common values are integrity, excellence, and preservation and advancement of the human spirit. Our clients, colleagues, and friends represent the spectrum of diversity across race, gender, LGBT, age, religions, and nationalities. We travel across the planet and have a wealth of diversity experiences at home and abroad. We are skilled in teaching and supporting dialogue about hard subject matters. We live what we teach.

Our intent is to support organizations in their transformations, to build their capacity for internal collaboration, and cultivation of positive human life experiences.




Our work focuses on eight service areas:

  1. Leadership Development
  2. Executive Coaching
  3. Change Management and Organization Change
  4. Facilitation of Processes and Meetings
  5. Culture Change
  6. Diversity and Inclusion
  7. Social Engagement – Creating Community
  8. Conflict Management and Mediation
  9. Designing effective educational material for Diversity and Leadership training programs

The Collaborations Group teams have provided exceptional trainers, coaches, and consultants to leaders across higher education, federal government, public and private sector corporations, and individual executives. References are available upon request.

Organization Transformation

  • Heal personal and organizational pain that surfaces with transitions, mergers, reorganization, culture changes, and shifts in management. Resolve underlying conflicts.
  • Coach managers in examining the impact of their decisions on the employees, and assist them in designing interventions that transform the way they do business.
  • Create alliances throughout an organization in order to define, embrace, and enliven the spirit and essence of their mission:
  • Discern lessons learned from the shared history of the organization and those it serves, with the purpose of moving on to the future
  • Facilitate/ guide individuals and organizations to live in the spirit of their stated existence and core purpose.

Culture Transformation

  • Assist the organization in redefining the culture of work to address: managing stress and transitions, and creating joy and fun while connecting with its values
  • Define the workplace of the next millennium
  • Understand and appreciate the workplace as a spiritual playground – a place to live out the spirit of people’s values and visions
  • Honor the spirit of the organizational mission and all who are served by the existence of the organization.
  • Communicate the values of the new organizational culture through specially designed, lively, magazine-styled newsletters that continually capture the spirit of the people. Internal and external marketing of the essence and purpose of the mission through organizational stories.

Collaborate Spirit to Spirit

  • Empower those with different experiences, backgrounds, values, cultures to partner in the discovery of their shared vision and to create a shared reality.

The process of identity discovery in the organization involves:

  • developing clarity about who they are
  • communicating the important core aspects of that identity
  • letting go of old emotional baggage associated with former perceptions
  • joining with others to heal and let go of old dreams
  • partnering in developing a plan to realize a new collaborative dream.



We look forward to hearing from you! 

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